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With the Internet being so content saturated it’s often tricky to find the things that matter to you. In the context of emergency nursing there are a ton of great sites that help curate content that is both meaningful and entertaining.

Through my endless late night nerd sessions I have developed a few favorite sites that I think are worth a look if you want to stay up to date or gain an insight into the cutting edge resus theories and techniques that are emerging from around the world. – A beautifully curated blog created by an experienced emergency nurse, for all nurses. Lots of helpful insights and practical philosophies. A very pure nursing resource. – One of the original free open access medical education resources. This blog has miles of useful information specific to the critical care world. It also has one of the most accessible and comprehensive ECG resources I have found anywhere. – A great paediatric page with digestible bites of knowledge and a very useful selection of paeds specific resources i.e. age appropriate ECG morphology charts & x-ray interpretation resources. – The social media and critical care conference page provides details related to the big daddy of contemporary crit care conferences. There is an indispensable selection of videos on their page covering all of the talks given at previous SMACC conferences. Effectively the TED talks of critical care. – Another very nicely put together nursing focused site with a slightly heavier focus on critical care concepts. Home to a number of excellent resources on mechanical ventilation and managing the critically ill patient. – The home page for a great podcast hosted by a group of critical care doctors focusing on the provision of high-level evidence-based resuscitation. – lots of useful information relating to the intensive care setting from the team at the Alfred ICU. This site also has a lot of interesting example cases and images to get you thinking. – A great emergency and crit care blog with information and updates that are current and well written. St Emlyns also has a number of novel associated projects including a virtual hospital populated with various teaching cases. – Scott Weingart publishes an excellent blog that digs deep into the clinical concepts that matter when caring for critically ill patients. Scott is an excellent speaker and his podcasts are engaging for clinicians with varying levels of experience. – An awesome resource providing insight into both the clinical and non-clinical sides of emergency medicine. The ‘Academic life in emergency medicine’ page contains valuable information about teamwork, communication and self-preservation in a challenging environment – as well as the obligatory clinical pearls. – An interesting blog containing clinical insights from a resus unit in US. Regular ‘grand rounds’ segments dissect clinical cases and apply best practice info in context making it particularly easy to digest. – This resident authored from King’s County emergency department has a lot a great emergency management insights as well as a link to a number of interesting ED lectures the hospital has made available on YouTube. – The best ECG site available. Dr Smith’s blog contains a myriad of weird and wonderful ECGs with associated cases to help you become more in touch with this widely used and commonly misunderstood investigation. – A frequently updated site containing excellent reviews of critical care literature covering a wide range of topics.

This is only a tiny sample of the high-quality resources that can be found all over the web. If there are blogs you love that I have left out I would love to hear about them in the comments.

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